martes, 27 de abril de 2010

I ♥ faces Challenge! (Smiles)

Oh, how I love this website! So many great photographers, so much inspiration!

It's soooo difficult for me to choose only ONE smile, having three kids with a permanent smile on their faces... even when sleeping, as you can see here!! David was only 22 days old...

Lots of great smiles in this week's contest! Click on the logo and they will make you smile too!!


Otra vez participando en el concurso semanal de esta página, el tema en esta ocasión es "Sonrisas"... y de esas tengo unas cuantas!!! Aquí David sólo tenía 22 días...

9 comentarios:

  1. OMG! This is one of the most beautiful photos I've seen in this challenge, adorable and too cute! Awesome!

  2. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn smile. And the baby fuzz...I'm over the edge!

  3. How wondeful to have been able to capture that pure look of joy!

  4. I wish I could know what he was thinking. What a sweet smile.

  5. Mucha suerte en el concurso! Esa sonrisa es para comérselo :)


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